2016 Conference Schedule

Dinner in Carnegie Hall
2016 Bootcampers and Guest Lecturers
Introduction of Tom Arie Donch
Tom Arie Donch: The Art of Play
Two Years Later 2014 Bootcamp Roundtable
After Party at Phantom Canyon
Jun-Li Wang: Working with Local Artists to Tackle Community Challenges
Laurie Wood: Working with Schools
Mark Rivera: Working with Schools
Jeff Mather: Working with Schools
Jun-Li Wang: Observation Tour
Jun-Li Wang: Observation Tour
BBQ Dinner at Community Prep School
Steve Rasmussen-Cancian: Who Does Our Work Serve
Steve Rasmussen-Cancian: Who Does Our Work Serve
Winds of Change: Bridging Art and Science by Donna & Diane
Winds of Change: Bridging Art and Science by Donna & Diane
Concrete Couch Jam Band at After Party at McCabes
Mark Lakeman: Creating Community
Mark Lakeman: Creating Community
Panel Discussion on Community-Created Public Spaces
Panel Discussion on Community-Created Public Spaces
Dinner at Carnegie Hall
Jimmy Jolly Award presentation
Call to Walls
Talking Gourd Ceremony

Thursday April 28: Penrose Library – Carnegie Room

5pm to 6:00pm: Welcome and Dinner with Bootcampers ,and Birgitta De Pree of the Millibo Art Theater.
6pm to 6:30pm Community Built Improv  by Jared Harp and Lacey Maynard, of Stick Horses in Pants
6:30pm to 7:15pm Presentation “The Art of Play” – by CBA Board President Tom Arie Donch
7:30pm to 8:30pm Two years later”: 2014 Bootcampers Roundtable (Jerry Lapham, Amanda Larson, Wes Horn, Jeremy Criswell)
8:30am to 9pm: Conference schedule reviewed, with maps distributed, followed by sign ups for designated networking Hubs for Friday’s lunch. Notice that these topics are general, and please write suggestions for more focused conversation topics on the sign-up sheet. 
9pm: Lets meet at Phantom Canyon! (brew pub across the street from the library)

Friday, April 29: Penrose Library – Carnegie Room

8am to 9am: Coffee and Meet-up
9am to 10am: Keynote Address: Jun-Li WangWorking with Local Artists to Tackle Community Challenges. Jun-Li, of Springboard for the Arts in Minneapolis, will explore various ways that communities have involved artists to engage neighbors, improve community relations and solve challenges. 
10:30am to 11:30am: Choice of two presentations: A Group Working with Schools Laurie Wood/Mark Rivera/Jeff Mather (Carnegie Room). Laurie is the head of secondary learning at Manitou Springs District 14. She works with lots of community members and groups and will share her tips about working with schools. Mark, an artist from davis, CA, contrasts murals with school groups and personal projects, and Jeff, an artist from georgia will share experiences of decades of work in schools around the country. B Group Recipe for a Natural Playground Art Goodtimes and Sam Kornhauser (Aspen Room). Art is a fifth term green party county commissioner from San Miguel county, a poet, a farmer and a former pre-school teacher. Sam is a playground builder and long time CBA member. Art and Sam will have a conversation about the power of natural play.
11:30am to 1pm: Meet-up lunch groups or brown bag at the mural site or Pueblo Avenue (CC office).

Networking Groups:

(COMMUNITY DESIGN) Ryan Tefertiller, Mark Lakeman at NOSH (15); 

(SERVICE) Steve Ramussen-Cancian, Art Goodtimes at McCABES (15); 

(EDUCATION) Laurie Wood, Jeff Mather, and Jesa Emerson at RICOS (12);

(MURALS) Jerry Lapham, Caryl Yasko at MED CAFE (8); 

(CREATIVE COMMUNITY) Jun-Li Wang, Deborah Thornton, Brian Elyo at SEEDS (12); 

1pm to 4pm: Afternoon Groups: 

  • Work at either the Penrose Library Mural site or Pueblo Ave Urban Intervention Site (CC office)
  • CSFAC/CS downtown art tour with Blake Milteer of the CS Fine Art Center (meet at front of Library at 1:30pm… Approximately 1 hour)
  • Meet-up at Carnegie room for short presentations and conversations: 
    1:30pm: John Pitman Weber and Sonja Henderson: Carving brick and an update on CPAG mosaics, 2:15pm: Meg Tilley Anderson: THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT: using planning tools for projects                                   3pm: Sam Kornhauser: A Playground in Palestine.
4pm to 5pm: Informal meet-up at CC office, 214 East Vermijo Avenue, 80903
5pm to 6:30pm BBQ dinner at Community Prep School, 332 E Willamette Ave, 80903
5:45pm to 6:30pm Who Does our Work Serve by Steve Rasmussen-Cancian of Shared Spaces and Union de Vecino. Who do you hope to serve in terms of class, culture, race, gender and age?  How can you be sure to serve who you set out to reach? What would it take to serve everybody? This talk will endeavor to engage the group audience in answering these questions for their own work and the Community Built effort.
6:30pm to 7pm Meet and greet with Donna and Diane at Packard Hall, Colorado College, 902 N Cascade
7pm to 8:30pm Winds of Change: Bridging Art and Science Art Science Fusion presentation. Diane and Donna will explore the work of the UC Davis Art-Science Fusion program and other art-science programs around the country.In the US we have amazing science strength, but we do a poor job of explaining how science works to the population at large. Their work addresses this discrepancy through creative and interaction classwork and community projects.
8:30pm to 8:40pm: Announcements and sign-up for Saturday designated networking lunch groups:
9pm: After-party at MCCABES TAVERN 520 South Tejon Colorado Springs 80903 with the CC Jam Band (BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT!!)

Saturday, April 30 – Penrose Library – Carnegie Room

8am to 9am: Coffee and Meet-up
9am to 10am: Keynote Address: Mark Lakeman: Creating Community (Carnegie Room). Mark is a founding member of The City Repair Project, a historian of community development and urban planning, and a well known lecturer and strategist on placemaking and creating healthier neighborhoods.
10:30am to 11:30am: Choice of two presentations: A Group:Panel Discussion on Community-Created Public Spaces (Carnegie Room) Helen Helwig, Niki Glen, Deborah Landry, John Olson, Ryan Tefertiller, Steph Espinoza, and Ferny Ramirez. This panel will address (among other things) placemaking, “building better blocks”, public-private partnerships, creative fundraising, competitions for designing and building parks, working (and not working) with municipalities. Moderated by Steve Rasmussen-Cancian.B Group:  The Critical Craftsman: The Importance of Penelope. (Aspen Room) Daniel Harding. Dan is an associate professor and the Robert Mills Endowed Professor in Architecture at Clemson University. Dan will examine craft, making, and stewardship in direct context with the conference theme “Nets and Networks” via three short and unique tales: The Olive Tree, a tale of mythical origin; Ice + Sand, a commissioned installation; and People and Faces, a community design+build project.  Each will provide a specific thread that ultimately weaves a discussion highlighting the importance and necessity of critical craftsmanship and its capacity to concretize communities.
11:30am to 1pm: Lunch with designated group, Walkabout (see below), or brown bag at project sites

(WEST) Steve Rasmussen-Cancian, Mark Lakeman at LAAUS TACO SHOP (10). 

(SOUTH)  Meg Anderson, Jeff Mather, and Helen Helwig at MCCABES (15). 

(COLORADO) Brian Elyo, Ryan Tefertiller at SPRINGS ORLEANS (15). 

(EAST) Sam Kornhauser at RICOS (12).

(MIDWEST) Richard Harrison and Amber Hensen at MED CAFE (8)

(WALKABOUT) Lunch at Marion House Soup Kicthen, followed by walkabout with Esther Kisamore, Peace activist, member of the Bijou Community and the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission; Sister Dhammahdira (buddhist nun working on a daily spiritual practice); and Paul Billips (low income housing activist and artist). Meet at 11:30am at Penrose Library lobby.  After lunch visit Bijou House Columbarium, Peter’s Bike Clinic, Montgomery/Salvation Army Homeless Shelter and Peak Vista Clinic, Ithaka Land Trust housing, urban renewal and environmental projects and end at CC office or library. (11:30am to approximately 3pm.)

11:30pm to 4pm: Afternoon Groups: 

    • Work at either the Penrose Library Mural or Pueblo Ave Community Built
    • Movies at the Library!
    • 2pm: Talking Walls, 23 minutes, a film by Nancy Bentley about the Colorado Springs mural movement, and a call for more funding for arts. Nancy will be on hand for Q and A.
    • 2:35pm: Called to Walls, 82 minutes, a film by Amber Hansen and Nicholas Ward about mid-west community-built murals, and the CBA muralist David Loewenstein. Amber will be on hand, along with featured muralist Katherine Hart, for Q and A.
    • 1-4 pm. -1 to 4pm: Outside the Wire: Building Community After War Ben Morgen and Candace Younghans, at Penrose Library front patio by Cascade Avenue. Ben and Candace are from Ashland Oregon and have been meeting and working with veterans and civilians for two weeks in our area. Their therapeutic movement-based work will result in a performance by people they have met during their time in Colorado Springs.
4pm to 5pm: Informal meeting at Concrete Couch Office 214 East Vermijo Avenue, 80903
5pm to 6:15pm: Dinner and an Invitation to join the CBA Board (voting at 8pm) in Carnegie Room.
6:15pm to 6:45pm: CBA movie This 20 minute segment has been compiled by Amanda Larson from old CBA film footage.
6:45 pm to 7:30pm: Tom Arie Donch slideshow of awardee’s work, followed by Jimmy Jolly Award presentation.
7:30pm to 8pm: Prospective Board members speak, followed by voting
8pm to 8:30pm: Discussion of CBA 2018, mini conferences and how to stay in touch
8:30 to 9pm: Announcement of new board members
9pm to 11pm: Dance to the music of the Phat Horn Doctors at the Gold Room, 18 South Nevada Colorado Springs 80903

Sunday, May 1: In Manitou Springs at Manitou Art Center, 515 Manitou Ave, 80829

8am to 9:30am: Light breakfast and networking at Manitou Art Center
9:30am to 10am: Conference evaluations by Bootcampers
10am to 11am: Breakouts:

  • A: Walking tour of Manitou Springs community built projects, mineral springs, and other sights
  • B: Meet the Manitou Springs Arts Council and hear about their multi-media community art project called “Manitou Soules; A Spirit Journey in Colorado” presented by Shanti Toll. Following Shanti’s presentation get a tour of the MAC, including Makerspace, galleries, art studios, and Outbac Studio.
  • C: Visit the Manitou Springs Heritage Center; Tour is given by Michelle Anthony, Manitou Springs Planner
11am to Noon: Talking Gourd Ceremony – Art Goodtimes (if nice weather at Seven Minute Springs amphitheater)
The Talking Gourd Ceremony officially ends the 2016 CBA conference, but please stick around for afternoon activities and tours. Visit the Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs penny arcade, hike to see all the springs, soak in the tubs at the Sunwater Spa (see below), hike Red Mountain, etc.
Noon Soup at the MAC, our treat! 
Noon to 9pm:  Soak at the Sunwater Spa 514 El Paso Blvd. (The soak is complementary for conference attendees, but please bring a suit, towel, and be prepared to spend 5 minutes filling out their waiver form at the front desk).