2016 Bootcamp Schedule

Tuesday Night Dinner at the Parsonage
Chit Chat at GOCA
Chit Chat at GOCA
Conference Planning at the Parsonage
Networking, Funding and Moving Forward lecture at the Parsonage

Saturday, April 23 Bootcamp starts in Manitou Art Center in Manitou Springs (Unless Noted)

5pm to 9pm: Dinner, introductions, schedule, housing, food, and other nuts and bolts

Sunday, April 24

8am to 9am: Breakfast (meet Becky Pontz, Queen of the Kitchens)
9am to noon: Introductions Part 2; facilitating introductions, ice-breakers; GOALS of Bootcampers.
Noon to 1pm: Lunch
1pm to 5pm: Walking tour of Manitou Springs Community Built Projects (community welcome) MAC-MSES-Main Street-Fountain Creek walk-Safe Routes Bridge- end at Sunwater to soak?
5pm to 6pm: Dinner prep
6pm to 7pm: Dinner
7pm to 7:30pm: Meg Tilley Anderson: Mennonite Model of Conflict Resolution
7:30pm to 9pm: Mark Lakeman: Gathering Your Community

Monday, April 25

9am to 11:15: Morning Session: Steve Wood and Amanda Larsen: Conference Overview and Planning
11:15 am to noon Birgitta De Pree: Using Theater as a Teaching Tool
1pm to 4pm: Projects Install
4pm to 5pm: Ben and Candace: The Radical Act of Feeling! Sentimental Planning as the Decision Making Process
6pm to 7pm: BBQ hosted by Collaborative for Community Engagement and Art for Social Change, Colorado College
7pm to 9pm: Steve Rasmussen-Cancian: Improving Your Community

Tuesday, April 26

9am to 9:30am: Meg Tilley Anderson: Project Planning
9:30am to 10:30am: Donna Billick: Why We Do What We Do
10:30pm to 11:30am: Conference Planning Part Two
11:30 to noon: Art Goodtimes: Finding Your Voice
1pm to 4pm Projects
5:30pm to 7pm: Dinner at CC office
7pm to 8:30pm: Gallery of Contemporary Art (GOCA), University of Colorado Colorado Springs. “Chit Chat” with Mark Lakeman and Art Goodtimes and audience participation. Mark: how to make government work for Us. Art: How government works for You (help us help you).

Wednesday, April 27

9am to 10am: Jun-Li: Starting Initiatives In Your Community
10am to 11am: Amanda Larsen: Moving Forward (In Life and Career)
11:30am to 1pm: Brown bag lunch with Jun-Li Wang, on “Community Resiliency through the Arts” at Manitou Springs City Hall
2pm to 5pm: Projects on Pueblo Avenue with Brian Elyo and others
5:30pm to 7pm: Dinner at the MAC
7pm to 8pm: Conference Plan in detail- roles for each Bootcamper
8pm to 9pm: Jun-Li, Mark Lakeman, Steve Rasmussen-Cancian: Networking, Funding, Moving Forward

Thursday, April 28

FREE DAY: Personal time for Bootcampers until 4:30pm.
9am to noon: Donna and Diane visit the Geo Department at Colorado College.
11:30am to 1pm: Downtown Partnership small group luncheon for Jun-Li Wang
4:30pm: Bootcampers gather for set-up (Penrose Library – Carnegie Room).