Art Education

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Global Mosaic Project/True Mosaics

True Mosaic

Laurel True is a public artist and educator specializing in sculptural, architectural and site-specific mosaic projects for almost 25 years.  Laurel teaches and lectures internationally and facilitates community-based projects through her organization, The Global Mosaic Project.

The Global Mosaic Project partners with organizations, schools and businesses to develop unique participatory projects, designed and implemented through social engagement. Projects are focused in urban and developing areas and focus on public art creation, art education, teacher training and professional development.

Laurel True is the co-founder of the Institute of Mosaic Art in California.

Precita Eyes Muralists

Precita Eyes

Susan Cervantes, Founding Director of Precita Eyes Muralists, is responsible for over 500 collaborative murals over four decades. Precita Eyes strives to empower communities  and reflect their hopes and dreams. They use a community process where participants are given the opportunity to create their own mural.  We work throughout the Bay Area and beyond in schools, community centers, health centers, and parks. Precita Eyes is in the Mission District on Precita Park with youth classes and in a second location featuring a community art store, mural tours and a studio for planning community murals, and for training artists and educators.

Zwack Art

Zwack Art

Annemarie Zwack is a visual artist who works with communities, using a variety of materials to create public art that expresses a sense of place,  identity, and collective values. She facilitates the use of paint, clay, tiles, fabric, paper, and recycled materials of all sorts. She has specialized in Arts in Education since 2003; using art as a means for students to explore and express core curriculum.