CBA Members

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Lauren Elder

Lauren Elder collaborates with community groups and schools to create unique gardens, pocket parks, recreational areas and small structures in both Northern California and various countries in Latin America. As a bi-lingual artist/designer, she enjoys working with Spanish-speaking communities and furthering cross-cultural understanding. Several projects have been published in “Asphalt to Ecosystems” by Sharon Danks (2010) and “Urban Homesteading” by Kaplan/Blume (2011). Projects have a strong design underpinning, with a commitment to ecologically appropriate plantings and conservative water use. Trained in Fine Arts/Sculpture, Elder facilitates the creation of colorful artwork by participants and is directly engaged in its fabrication in metal, ceramic and wood.

Caryl Yasko

Caryl Yasko

Caryl Yasko has been a leading figure in the American Public Art Movement for more than forty years. She is well published internationally. She was a founding artist in the Chicago Mural Group and taught mural techniques at the  School of the Art Institute of Chicago and many colleges and universities, mostly in the Midwest.  She developed a concrete fresco technique and a line-drawing system for public participation.  Caryl’s works include building filigree windmills and prairie, 60′ foot poles with airplane beacon, and colorful murals in all situations and locations, often with a cast of thousands in the spirit of public participation.

Colette Crutcher


Colette Crutcher works solo and collaboratively, most often with Irish ceramicist Aileen Barr or her husband Mark Roller, on public art installations including mosaics, murals, and paper mache sculptures for parades, concerts and demonstrations.   Her Bay Area public works include Tonantsin Renace, 16th Ave Tiled Steps, 24th St. Minipark, Ping Yuen Housing Project, Chinatown Rec. Center, Cesar Chavez Park, (Oakland,) and Hidden Garden Steps.  A  mosaic stairway for Hunters Point SF, and a fountain and bench for a playground in Redwood City are underway.



Mark Lakeman is the co-founder of The City Repair Project and the principal of Communitecture, a community architecture and planning firm. He is an urban place-maker and permaculture designer, community design facilitator, and an inspiring catalyst to the emergence of sustainable and participatoryecological and cultural landscapes. Mark’s leadership has benefited communities across North America. With City Repair, in 2003 Mark was awarded the National Lewis Mumford Award by Architects & Planners for Social Responsibility for his work with Dignity Village, one of the United States’ first self-developed, permanent communities by and for previously homeless people

Concrete Couch

Loveland Mural

Our mission is to build community through creative projects. We collaborate with schools, libraries, community centers, municipalities and military facilities. Our projects include infrastructure (bridges, benches, maps, signs, gardens, trails, etc), public art (mosaics, concrete, ceramic murals, stained glass, metal, etc), and all kinds of fun experiences (puppets, parades, festivals, etc). We work with you to find materials, develop community assets, and facilitate quality programs. Concrete Couch has garnered many awards, including “empowering youth through public art”, “project of the year award”, “exceptional creative opportunities”, and numerous design and community building honors.

Danielle Fodor

Danielle Fodor

Davis California

Dave Loewenstein


Dave is a muralist, writer, and printmaker from Lawrence, Kansas. His celebrated community-based murals are found across the United States and abroad. His prints, which focus on current social issues, are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. Dave is co-author of Kansas Murals: A Traveler’s Guide, a Kansas Notable Book Award Winner; and co-director of the documentary Creating Counterparts which won Best Documentary at the Kansas Filmmakers Jubilee. In 2014, he was named one of the founding Cultural Agents for the new U.S. Department of Arts and Culture

Donna Billick

Donna Billick

Donna Billick is an artist and community builder. Donna is director of Billick Rock Art, in Davis California, and Todos Artes, located in Baja Mexico. Also co-director of the University of California Davis Art/Science Fusion program along with Diane Ullman. The mediums used to create art and community build large scale public art works are, ceramics, mosaics, terrazzo, cement, stone, bronze, glass and steel.

“I believe that multidisciplinary, cross cultural education programs that fuse the arts and community are necessary for today’s generations of learners who are faced with complex global issues including climate change, cultural extinction and environmental destruction, benefit from the community build approach to projects.”

EarlySpace, LLC


Nancy Striniste, founder of EarlySpace, is a landscape designer and former teacher. She has been designing earth-friendly, people-friendly natural play and learning spaces for children since the mid-80’s.  Her palette includes stone, wood, water and plants. Projects begin with a community charette where participants learn about the value of reconnecting children to nature and collaborate to create a vision for their new space. Children and adults work together to help build their space, planting native trees, shrubs and perennials, creating mosaic streams and benches, and through natural building projects such as cob, straw bale and living roof construction.

Global Mosaic Project/True Mosaics

True Mosaic

Laurel True is a public artist and educator specializing in sculptural, architectural and site-specific mosaic projects for almost 25 years.  Laurel teaches and lectures internationally and facilitates community-based projects through her organization, The Global Mosaic Project.

The Global Mosaic Project partners with organizations, schools and businesses to develop unique participatory projects, designed and implemented through social engagement. Projects are focused in urban and developing areas and focus on public art creation, art education, teacher training and professional development.

Laurel True is the co-founder of the Institute of Mosaic Art in California.

Interplay Design

Interplay Design

Tom Arie Donch, president, has orchestrated hundreds of projects in twenty states over thirty years. With a passion for learning and sharing the ingredients of successful community built events he has collaborated with over fifty community built association members and firms. His work has included parks, playgrounds, public sculpture, murals, nature trails, skateboard parks, school enhancements, low income housing projects, environmental projects, gardens and plazas. Currently Tom is lecturing on CBA work, mentoring and making himself available for one large project a year. He gives free consulting to communities to help them connect with CBA professionals and achieve their dreams.

Jeff Mather

Jeff Mather

Jeff Mather is a community-based public artist & environmental sculptor & teaching artist based in Atlanta. He is a lead artist, co-founder, and board president for the Atlanta Partnership for Arts in Learning. He coaches the designing and building of large-scale architectural sculptures. He is a member of Alternate ROOTS and several of his community-based public art projects have been funded by ROOTS’ Community/Artist Partnership Program. He has also been the lead artist for the On Site/Insight Program, coaching multi-school environmental art partnerships in Atlanta Public Schools.

John Pitman Weber

2010 volunteer team

John Pitman Weber is an active public artist with decades of experience in mosaics, cement reliefs, carved brick, painted murals, and useable sculpture for outdoor spaces. He has led large work in Los Angeles, New York City, Spencer IA, Broward County, FL and recently in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. His projects are in schools, on playgrounds and in the street, libraries, churches, colleges and community centers. He leads workshops and lectures on community public art in English, Spanish and French. Based in Chicago, he is an active member of the Chicago Public Art Group.

Leathers & Associates


Since 1971, Leathers & Associates has been on hand to celebrate the opening of more than 3,000 playgrounds in all 50 states and 7 countries. We specialize in custom-designed play spaces that are a reflection of children’s imaginations and the product of collective energy and creativity of the entire community. Our mission is to create unique playgrounds for children of all abilities. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure our projects are cost effective, safe and provide well-rounded play environments. With a commitment to quality and safety, it is our goal to produce an awe inspiring playground that has a positive and long lasting impact on a community.

Lynn Takata

Lynn Takata mosaic

Artist Lynn Takata creates mosaics, sculpture and murals with children, families and neighborhoods to build tangible symbols of community pride. She has created over 300 public artworks with concrete, tile, glass, ceramic and paint involving hundreds of participants.  Participants create their own designs and she choreographs these elements as the design develops. It is a dynamic and exciting improvisational process that creates meaningful public spaces.

Her participatory work is in parks, community centers, zoos and schools. The recent award-winning Salem Peace Mosaic involved over 600 participants in creating a mosaic to promote that the word Salem means Peace.

Niki Glen and Helen Helwig

McClintock High School Bus Shelter

Niki Glen and Helen Helwig direct large-scale public art pieces. Their work has been published in “Public Art: A World’s Eye View”. They have directed over 100 murals and specialize in community participation and involvement. “Public art belongs to everyone.” Their work graces walls of schools, libraries, botanical gardens, hospitals, and office buildings around the United States. Glen Studios creates murals using mixed media mosaics (glass, clay, stone, and found objects). The Helwig Studio focuses on functional art pottery, mixed media mosaics and sculpture, public art, and community and school art projects. Niki Glen also paints site specific exterior and interior murals. Their mosaics and murals transform public spaces into extraordinary places.



Parkitects works closely with communities to custom design play environments that meet their needs for budget, accessibility, supervision, and age appropriateness.  Parkitects’ President and Landscape Architect, Steve Lauzun, is a founding member of the CBA and specializes in inclusive and participatory design. As a Landscape Architect lead company, Parkitects also specializes in integrating play equipment into complex and playful site designs.

Play by Design

Design by Play

Play by Design Co-founders Lee Archin and Dave Iannello, both are talented designers and community organizers who began the company based on their vision and passion for design and quality construction. Designer John Dean, who was with us from the outset, is joined on the design team by Dennis Wille and Lisa Deshano. Our core group has more than 100 years of combined experience leading volunteers in the design and construction of hundreds of community-built playgrounds throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. All members of our design-and-build team are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSIs).

Pomegranate Center

Primary Photo

For 27 years, Pomegranate Center has empowered neighbors to come together to design and build gathering spaces. Pomegranate Center’s unique style of community building combines a creative approach with effective community planning, broad public participation, hands-on learning and leadership development. Recognized for its success in transforming and connecting communities, Pomegranate Center now shares this work with as many communities as possible. Through training and mentoring programs Pomegranate Center prepares community members and civic leaders to inspire and engage others to build stronger, healthier, more connected communities.

Precita Eyes Muralists

Precita Eyes

Susan Cervantes, Founding Director of Precita Eyes Muralists, is responsible for over 500 collaborative murals over four decades. Precita Eyes strives to empower communities  and reflect their hopes and dreams. They use a community process where participants are given the opportunity to create their own mural.  We work throughout the Bay Area and beyond in schools, community centers, health centers, and parks. Precita Eyes is in the Mission District on Precita Park with youth classes and in a second location featuring a community art store, mural tours and a studio for planning community murals, and for training artists and educators.

Rachel Rodi

Rachel Rodi

Rachel Rodi
Rachel Rodi Mosaics
3001 Chapman Street
Oakland, CA  94601
Ph: 510-301-8663



How do you suspend 12 oversized weather balloons from an occupational therapy room ceiling in a school for special needs kids? The usual answer is you can’t. That’s because architects of most children’s learning and play facilities don’t ask questions like that.

SCHOOLWORKS, designers and builders of childrens’ places since 1971, understands that kids and the people devoted to their care and education should be able to interact with their environments in ways that encourage them to stretch their imaginations – to make their classrooms and playgrounds places where even the most improbable ideas can be realized – and that they and their communities can even build these places themselves.

Soundplay, Inc.

Hillsboro Instruments

Bond Anderson of Sound Play, Inc. works with schools, communities and organizations to design and build outdoor musical instruments for parks and playgrounds. We can work with volunteers on site or provide completed instruments for your community built project. Our first musical playground was built in collaboration with elementary school students in 1982; now, more than 30 years later, we have over 650 installations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other international sites. Our great passion is creating truly great musical instruments for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy self-expression and build community through music

Zwack Art

Zwack Art

Annemarie Zwack is a visual artist who works with communities, using a variety of materials to create public art that expresses a sense of place,  identity, and collective values. She facilitates the use of paint, clay, tiles, fabric, paper, and recycled materials of all sorts. She has specialized in Arts in Education since 2003; using art as a means for students to explore and express core curriculum.